EuroNet: Russian and American imperialism

#EuroNet is international project created to provide different European nationalist groups with high valued ideological and propaganda content.

Continuing our mission, we are very happy to publish first exclusive video made by our team. Its about #USA imperialism.

„The Third Position was based on two main fundamentals. One was the belief that every nation in Europe is equal and have a right to its own sovereign state. The other was a shared vision of Europe: as a third force between Russian and American imperialism. This second fundamental is important especially today”.

Remember that European nationalists are not clients of either Russia or the United States.

We are interested in #Europe

Polish version 🇵🇱

French version 🇫🇷

English version 🇬🇧 🇳🇿

Czech version 🇨🇿

Slovenian version 🇸🇮

Italian version 🇮🇹

Spain version 🇪🇸

Greek version 🇬🇷

Dutch version 🇳🇱

Romanian version 🇷🇴



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